A 160-page report that was far more complete than the FTC had last week no doubt leaked to The Wall Street Journal, clearly showing that FTC employees had leveled against Google for antichromatic practices Action was recommended.

The FTC commissioners had then decided – indicating that they treat employees’ reports like officers in public companies (there’s been that) – to get Google off the hook, apparently because of some minor changes Were done. Because the Obama administration and Google have been particularly comfortable, the move gave the impression that the FTC was effectively in Google’s pocket.

This scam – and it counts as a scam – suggests three things: one is that we have another three-letter agency that cannot spell “document control”; Two, the FTC’s ability to argue that it was not controlled by the Obama administration simply took another concrete step; And three, that the European Union will now step in to jump on Google’s head.

It is something for everyone – a sign of chronism, a sting of corruption, a taste of government incompetence, and just a hypocrisy (an administration that ran on a platform of its predecessors, so that it was no less transparent).

I’ll dig deep into that and close with my product of the week: Dell Venue 8 7000 Tablet – Halo product from Intel and Dell that I’ve been using for a few weeks.

Document management

Assuming that it runs on “transparency”, it is somewhat ironic that the Obama administration’s transparency has usually come from people like Bradley Manning, Eric Snowden, and now some bureaucrats (potential former bureaucrats) who were more likely to And Underpaid – deciding to give The Wall Street Journal and other news services one hell of an early birthday.

No wonder former Secretary Clinton had her own email server – she knew, her entire email repository could be gifted to her political rivals several times a week. Granted, since it wasn’t possible that it could have happened anyway, but seriously – whatever we’re paying for information security, we’re obviously paying too much, because of the security we’re getting. that’s crap.

It is not difficult to call Varonis, a firm that specializes in such problems, and have a meeting. I feel that the government is not telling me the truth very often – I don’t really need to constantly rub my face on that fact – and I wonder how often these mistakes are made with people like foreign governments in a newspaper.

Do not make your “gift” public instead. Christ – this BS What is the need to have some control to prevent? – A leak of the first family photos in his birthday suit?

You might think that I am joking, but given how badly the Secret Service is behaving, I don’t think this scenario is even a stretch.


The FCC and FTC are, in theory, at arm’s length from the political side of the administration, as is the IRS. At first the IRS came under fire for acting in a partisan fashion against conservative nonprofit organizations.

The FCC then came under fire for being an agent of the administration regarding its net neutrality stance. Now, the FTC looks like it is an unusually large Obama donor and political ally. This is so intriguing that AT&T (a lot of three-letter stuff) is actually using the FCC against the FTC. Seriously, speaking of three letters, WTF?

Granted, it may all be smoke, but it is too much smoke – and collectively, it presents a picture that will make it harder for any of these organizations to keep the next election process intact, Come on, anything can happen now.

It is not hard to imagine that the conservative side would use fixation as the primary political argument to give more power to these organizations. They do not have to invent anything – these agencies get out of control, and this means that it is becoming more difficult to obtain anything, as they are increasingly distrusted.

There is no reverse for a government that seems both inept and unreliable.

Google text

Google needs to read up on Standard Oil, because it stopped trying to replicate Microsoft’s mistakes some time ago and is now going down the path of Standard Oil.

Standard oil was a major scam in the first half of the last century. Because the people believed that they effectively controlled the government, this firm was painfully set aside. It effectively lost control of the US oil market as a result, and did some rather ugly things – especially in the gas-starved 70s, when some government idiots thought that building dirty cars would fix all our woes Will give.

You may remember that when the US government failed to break Microsoft, the EU decided to hit the company head-on-stick until it gave too much control over important products.

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