In “iPhone Killer: The Apple History of the Apple Watch”, Wired’s David Pearce reveals no serious secrets – as Apple never does – but he illuminates the early days of the Apple Watch, focused on an interview with Kevin. Lynch, Apple’s vice president of technology. This is an interesting read for sure – an easy recommendation for any Apple enthusiast.

It is basically what Pierce D’Itre of the Apple Watch says. Because so many people are now more connected to their smartphones, than people around them, constantly checking messages and information – which is a problem shared by a lot of Apple publishers, this address Moves – Apple turned to technology for a solution.

“Our phones have become aggressive,” Pierce writes. “But what if you could engineer the situation to be a reverse? What if you could build a device that you can’t – can’t use at a time?

What if you could build a device that Filter? All the rubbish * t and instead only provide you with truly important information? You can change modern life. And so after three decades of building tools that grab and hold our attention – Better now – Apple has decided to fight back and forth. ”

This is, of course, a tantric idea. After all, how do people with smartphones belonging to the modern world not be disappointed to see their friends, family and colleagues with their smartphone screens more than the world around them?

There is a famous photo of a friend on a boat who missed a whale in front of him because he was too engrossed in his phone to try and see it.

This type of maniac focus on screen is all the time these days – in sporting events, in restaurants, on the street, in parks, and in the living room and kitchen. People are once electronically connected but physically disconnected.

Apparently Apple’s giants wanted to fight the trend, to provide a way to look at their Apple Watch – quickly and judiciously – to see if the messages really mattered, which could potentially cause your iPhone monster too much Will feed you regardless. Away from his family.

Apparently, the user interface on the Apple Watch would be important for this to happen – otherwise, the Apple Watch would quickly become a Notify annoyance. In fact, Pierce calls a UI element to help filter out Bulbul * T: Suppose you get a vibration alert that reflects a text message. Is it enough to warrant neglecting your family or friends? It is difficult to tell.

With the Apple Watch, you can turn your wrist alternately to take a look at the notification, which will tell you who it is from. At that point, if the person is not important enough, you can rotate your wrist back to the position it was in before, before dismissing the text message, and it will be waiting, unread, and ready for you later. .

Boom! It was very easy – and better yet, if you were busy reading a bedtime story to your 3-year-old daughter, she wouldn’t have even seen it!

Mission accomplished

Of course, it is ironic that Apple, which seriously accelerated our development of this new state in the first place, is turning to wrist-borne technology to protect us from it. It’s like trying to fight a wildfire with fire, which is also ironic – sometimes works.

Still, is it as smart as fighting fire? Or is it like choosing to eat pure sugarcane cubes instead of crackers loaded with more refined sugar?

I do not know

But I know that if more people put their iPhones in their pockets in front of their faces for just a few minutes every day, the world might be a little better place. Or feel like a slightly better place.

The devil you Know

Apple has created a range of products that engage humanity as before. It is our belief that the company does not affect our culture. The point is that the previous smartwatches have changed nothing and changed nothing, because they are not so spectacular. The Apple Watch has not already attracted the attention of millions – despite not being available even in the wild.

Which brings up the context of success: If saving our phones from tyranny is one reason for this, will Apple succeed? The answer is yes or no.

Even if it succeeds, so to speak, will an instrument be cut into our wrist and require more information and communication? Will people feel naked if they forget to wear their Apple Watch? Or maybe the Apple Watch itself actually makes the mess of constant communication worse?

For example, it feels bad for someone to sit for a moment to react to a text… how about someone waiting for their watch to use it as a cool-in-canned reference response Try to respond with, they need to feel. To say more, talk using Siri by writing a text to your wrist, and then eject your iPhone anyway?

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