There will be a lot of irony in US presidential elections and general elections as the campaign ramps up later this year. Last time, with Mitt Romney, we saw a business multimillionaire and ex-governor being told about how to get a schooling that wasn’t even experienced in politics.

Granted, the President may have sold his soul to Google in exchange for victory, but it was that kind of watching Tiger Woods beat John Stewart in golf.

Well, there are two women running for the presidency at the moment – Carly Fiorena and Hillary Clinton – and it is likely that analytics, which comes from the male-dominated technology industry, will once again deeply affect who experiences that or So the excitement of victory or experience. Sadness to lose someone worthy.

I will analyze this week and close with my product of the week: Microsoft’s new Surface 3 tablet, which showcases the “rules”.

Is ironic

When a veteran politician and businessman ran against an unproven president with a falling approval rating, there should have been only one result – but that was not what we got. As a result, I am sure that Mitt Romney’s approach is much less positive about that irony than Barack Obama’s.

The pre-election cycle was even more ironic, as two-time career politicians were a novice (in the primaries, going against Clinton, who could not lose – and in general, McCain, who seemed to have earned the post ).

Both times, the president fielded an amazing team of technology experts, who were more experienced in analyzing voters, and then using their analysis to create a campaign with their social media. Butts of candidates throughout the political playground.

It was like David and Goliath – but David used Bazooka in the final battle. It was understandable that McCain and Clinton might not have received the analysis, but Romney should have been able to run circles around the president. Instead, he fielded an inept team against the president’s experts.

This is not a belief – it is stupidity, and all those people basically handed the president a victory because they failed to bring their A game.

Stupidity Matters

Let’s set the stage. There are two players: Carly Fiorina, a multi-billionaire businessman who ran HP, one of the world’s largest technology companies, one of the founders of modern analytics; In the second camp, Hillary Clinton, who is believed to be once again, cannot lose, but who saw the president beat her and her Republican challengers, using an analytics team that she gained.

Obama doesn’t know any technology better than any other general politician – he only hires people who do them – or borrows them from Google.

Analytics is a mixture of technology and mathematics, and both fields are dominated by men, making up the majority of presidential candidates.

Given how powerful analysis has been in the last two elections, this suggests that men will roll over their female counterparts very easily – but we will see that this is not the case, as male politicians are not good at math. Or technology. In itself, this is ironic and explains why approval ratings are falling while the national debt is rising.

Any of these people should emulate the work done by Obama, and follow the direction of the analytical team, to increase their stand and increase their chances of winning like the president.

However, I do not see any male candidate doing this, which suggests that Fiorina and / or Clinton can use their skills to ensure their victory, which allows them to be a technical CEO and work for the current administration must have to.

wrapping up

It would be ironic if either Carly Fiorena or Hillary Clinton used analytics, a male-sour weapon, to break away from their competition. Even more ironically, if neither of the two used a device, both should be well acquainted as they never understood its power and effectiveness.

Both these women and, in fact, all the candidates who fail to learn the lessons associated with the power of analytics – which is basically something damn close to a crystal ball – to lose and spend the rest of their lives pointing to them The reason behind his loss was the failure to learn from Obama’s success. Actually, they were fools.

Adding to the insult, last week a small company called “Beyondcore” announced an analytics tool that works with Microsoft Office and is so simple that even a politician can use it. Talk of rubbing in it.

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