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This week there are Swiss tablets of a tablet and smartphone case along the river bank, an indoor smartcam drone, a display for social media and web updates, and a smart cup.

Case for flexibility

When it comes to expanding the battery of your smartphone or tablet during the day, Mophie is trying to iterate over its battery pack cases to make life a little easier over time.

The company is now moving a bit, as it expands its Space Line of Cases (picture above) to that home not only with batteries, but also external storage for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Mini.

There is a bit of a catch as you cannot access files stored in the case from any application other than Mophie’s own space application.

Still, if you enjoy quickly accessing all your photos without relying on the cloud, or if you have a long journey ahead and are expecting WiFi access to the best place and like to watch a ton of movies If it does, it seems like a solid addition to any iOS device that is running out of space.

Home alone drone

And now for an absolute clunker. Sorry, spoiler alert.

Crowdfunding Project Jackie wants to bring a flying smartcam drone to your home. It is almost enough that I have to start a crowdfunding project to buy every crowdfunding website and put off forever to kill very bad ideas.

I struggle to imagine anything more irritable than a small drone looming around my head because no one spies on what I’m doing. I thank many family members for being restlessly humming and quickly seizing the drone.

I do not see many practical uses for this. Using it to keep track of a sleeping child or a pet alone in the house would prove futile as I think it would provoke them faster.

Well, it can prove useful for emergency situations where it can be dangerous for a person to enter outside the home or for all other drone purposes. Nevertheless, it does not exceed my limit – and with a flight time of 4-6 minutes per charge, it does not seem to be the most practical solution to any problem.

Notu Thanks

I have thought intensely about how to describe the noteoo without developing it into a string of expattive and type-out guttural grunts. The Crowdfunding Project page does not give a clear description, but the best I can come up with is a demonstration for information.

A standalone display for social media updates, RSS feeds, time and weather in 2015. It is also an alarm clock! Amazing!

There is, of course, an accompanying smartphone app, which seems completely pointless when the whole purpose of Notu is to change the information on your smartphone.

I don’t expect it to become an information-intensive smartwatch anytime soon, including the Apple Watch, so why on earth would anyone want or need it? Especially when the information warning sound is so incredibly annoying.

There is not nearly enough in it to make it interesting. I thought and hope that we stopped making such devices five years ago.

A cup with smart

I do not know if it is the change in weather that is unfolding the gallery of pointless Gizmos, but we should focus on it. A smart cup that reminds you to drink some water every hour is not a hero, despite the pitch of the IOMO-cup that an under-hydrated population needs.

I know that I could drink more water. Everyone can use something. I don’t need the machine pestering me to grab some tasty H2O.

I do not need a thermometer on my cup. I have human skin and nerve endings, so I am quite capable of making a logical decision by picking up a cup of whether it is too hot to heat my tea. There is no need for such handholding.

The selling point of the “Five LED Lights” and the light show does nothing to convince me. They were in my Disney mug when I was 5 years old.

Certainly, most of us can use more water in our systems. The goal is elite – but the product is unnecessary.

A smartphone or smartwatch app makes more sense to remind us to grab a glass of water, because we have it with us all the time and may not always have an IOMO-cup with us. This is another incorrect solution to a very real problem.

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