Games like Stardew Valley are a great example of how strange humans can be. We get up, have something to drink and eat, shower, brush our teeth, work, go home and go to bed to repeat the next day. And it’s weird how we play games like Stardew Valley, where you simulate life where you wake up, have something to drink and eat, take a shower, brush your teeth, work at home, and go to bed. To repeat again the next day

It has been available on PC for over a year and on Xbox One and PS4 for about five months. Stardew Valley is currently released with maps, manuals and download codes for soundtracks and since I have never played the game. When he first arrived, it seemed like a good time to grab a well and dig the ground.

Stardew Valley tells the simplistic story of a customizable person who inherits the farm from his dead grandfather. Working horrible jobs in a company without farms is an opportunity to escape the healthy and hopeful life of building farms and interacting with the townspeople. There is no true complete story, except for stories that you create yourself as you farm, explore local mines and interact with people. But many things are happening in the background, discover the ones that make up for your curiosity. It seems that his relationship with the mayor and a woman, the local council, had to be badly repaired. There were wizards prowling its tower, and they all had their own little stories that little by little were rebuilt. Compatible

But most fundamentally, this game is about farming, a job you can never fail at, because even if you run out of money, your little avatar doesn’t need food and still has things to sell. Your first day or two can be as easy as clearing the farmland using shovels and axes to carry rocks and trees to collect wood and stones, all of which will come in handy later. At this time, you will also learn about the energy system that controls everything you do. Every time you hit a tree or water the plant or do anything else the power runs out and when it runs out you’ll be as fast as the aging snail at the DMV. Wait for a new day. Even if you manage your energy using food, you can stay at night until 2 a.m., where you will sink with fatigue no matter what you do.

With some free space and seeds donated by some local people, their skills are as basic and reliable as possible. Planting and maintaining crops Pounding the ground with a shovel (Not like this, pervert) You can prepare the world to accept some kind of seed. Then water the plants each morning until they are ready to be harvested and sold. Almost now, you need to consider how long it takes for the plant to mature, whether it will continue to grow after harvest or if you need to buy more seeds, and what season it can be planted as the seasons change. Go, your current plant will just die. If you can’t handle the new weather Mechanically, nothing complicated happens here. However, planting plants and watering them daily until they are finally ready to harvest is a satisfying process.

But there is so much more to care for and grow on your farm. You will soon discover that you can build a chicken coop and use it to house chickens that lay eggs every day. But they need to be fed and hay is expensive to buy, so you have to spend time looking for resources. Build silos to harvest and store hay. Then you can find a way to build a machine that turns the eggs into mayonnaise so that you can build a barn for dairy cows and sheep that they can shear. But wait! Now you can tap trees to use resin or maple syrup and grow fruit trees that can collect produce and turn them into sweet jams! At some point, you may want to create a sprinkler to automatically water the plants and a scarecrow or two to keep the crows at bay. Finally, you can upgrade your home to have a kitchen where you can cook food, make fences for your livestock to enjoy fresh grass, and create pathways to make everything look beautiful. There are also many … Anyway, I want to cut down trees to get milk to fertilize my melons. Wait, can I make wine and cheese? God, he was cult. Oooo, what did that do?

Stardew Valley always rewards the time you spend through a simple leveling process. The more things you can do, the better you get, and as you level up you’ll unlock new, bigger and cooler item crafting recipes. I can’t say if there will be an actual ending to the game.

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