LG has succeeded in the seemingly impossible for years, the company has finally unveiled the world’s first perishable TV, LG unveiled its TVs at CES 2019 this week, and LG has given us a sneak peek at foldable TVs. I got it for the first time at CES last year.

LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R (model 65R9) is now the talk of town and all about the format it uses LG’s advanced OLED technology to make the screen look clear and bright. However, people don’t seem to care about display requirements and more about TV’s practicality.

The TV is not much different from the prototype revealed last year, but LG has tweaked the base and added 100-watt Dolby Atmos speakers for clear and powerful built-in sound.

People have been mesmerized by this TV for a year. Everyone is curious to see if LG can do the seemingly impossible task of making foldable TVs. It looks like they can pull the rabbit out of the hat.

LG has created a TV screen based on the revolutionary flexible screen technology that allows users to view the screen up and down with just one click. The letter R in the model name symbolizes many things, not just “rollable”.

According to LG, R stands for “revolutionizing home entertainment and redefining space with the ability to lift and roll at the touch of a button.” It definitely looks revolutionary and will redefine the way you watch TV. (Literally!)

For example, you don’t have to worry anymore about not having a permanent area for the flat screen. With just one click, users will be able to create their own entertainment space as they like. LG states that the TV has three modes: Full View, Line View, and Zero View.

Full View provides a large screen viewing experience, allowing users to view the screen in full screen. This option is the same for LG OLED TV’s “normal” viewing, resulting in high contrast, deep blacks, and lifelike images.

Line View allows the TV to be partially folded so that users can perform tasks that do not require the full width of the TV.

On Zero View, the 65 ”screen is hidden from view and attached to the base. Consumers will still be able to use their TVs to listen to music through Dolby Atmos 100W speakers, even if they are kept away.

LG understands that not everyone needs large, rectangular items with thick frames to decorate their home or use a larger living space. People are starting to pay more attention to beauty, simplicity and elegance when it comes to television.

People want their TVs to blend in well decorated living areas, not other areas. LG was clearly the first company to fully recognize this trend. But there was a great risk in developing such a revolutionary idea.

When it comes to perishable TVs, LG has to admit that people don’t always want their devices to be the centerpiece of their lives, and the company has to rebuild the TV wheel, so to speak, 4K rotatable TV builds on the simple idea that when it’s not In use, the TV should not be visible.

Users have to press a button to turn on the TV on the base station. This will give their living space more open and “breathing” space.

We expect the TV to hit the market around March. But it will not be correct

LG’s backlit OLED TVs start at $ 8,000, and if that’s any indication, the new model should cost more than $ 8,000.

Samsung has released gorgeous and elegant TVs like The Frame and Serif, but without the “it” factor.

Who knew a smart device would one day be as flexible as rubber? Giant LG TVs with similar flexibility to paper will go on sale next year.

Ever wondered what you could do with this beautiful wall if you had the option to fold the LCD when not looking? The problem for the rich today, technology appears to be synonymous with luxury.

So, LG 65 ” rollable LCD TV at this year’s CES will be available next year, which will be of interest to everyone. An anonymous source told Bloomberg that the television will respond very well.

If you can really hear an LCD screen making noise as it rotates in your head, it should be separate, as LG uses light-emitting diodes / OLEDs, which will provide flexibility that conventional or liquid LCDs cannot provide. Owns

Foldable phones have been getting everyone’s attention for a while now. Samsung’s foldable phone (rumored to be the Galaxy X) will be the most expensive phone in the world. The phone was officially featured at the Samsung Developer Conference and to be honest, it couldn’t impress me.

When the rumors of the company’s January launch of the foldable phone that the foldable TV grabbed everyone’s attention were postponed, LG has not responded to the rumors.

However, what we’re sure is that the company is preparing to launch its first 5G phone at next year’s Mobile World Congress, and it has partnered with US telecoms company Sprint on the project.

LG’s foldable TV has 4K resolution and the TV steps up from a tall support panel. It can be returned with the help of the remote control, of course. Another interesting feature is the ability to shrink the screen to 1/4 so that you can enjoy your music without using large text.

The screen is very thin (of course, how do you think you took it off?), As well as the thick monitor screen around the top edge, so is this TV. In fact, this foldable wonderland can easily be converted into a projector. By offering high quality video quality, this TV is ruining the office with its projector ownership tradition. So you can expect the next big event to hit the office next year.

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